Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Baseball Great Hank Aaron Wants Cuba to Participate in WBC

"I hope that these [Cuban] kids are given an opportunity to play, because whatever happened before, they had nothing to do with it," Aaron said in Washington at an event to promote the World Baseball Classic and celebrate 130 years of Japan-U.S. baseball history. "I just hope they have an opportunity to compete. They really deserve to. They have some great ballplayers in Cuba."

Tommy Lasorda and former Baseball Commisioner Peter Ueberroth have also said the same thing.

Is the Bush administration DEAF?


Jim said...

I'm afraid that the Bush administration is both deaf and blind when it comes to Cuba. They forget their own revolution and seem to dislike it when others break away from their sphere of influence. I shudder to think what Chile may experience now that people there have elected a socialist woman leader!

Cuba Journal said...

You are right Jim. The "big bully" attitude of the corrent US administration is apalling.

It looks like Latin America is turnign left: Chavez, Lula, Kirchner, Morales.