Monday, January 30, 2006

Cuba Calls Posada Carriles Trial a Farse

Escambray Newspaper, Cuba

HAVANA, Jan 30 (PL) -The President of the People's Power Assembly (Parliament), Ricardo Alarcon, considered the process against the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in the USA a farse.

During an interview to PL, Alarcon analyzed the US government's role in the case of Posada who confessed being the author of the destruction of an airborne Cubana flight airplane in 1976 killing 73 persons and responsible for other bombings.

He is a person who boasted about his terrorist actions in US media and when denying sending him to Venezuela, Washington is sabotaging the bilateral extradition treaty and the Montreal Agreement on illegal acts against civil aviation, said Alarcon.

President George W. Bush´s administration, by assuming this position, is also breaking the 1373 resolution of the UN Security Council, adopted by the USA.

The resolution, approved in the wake of 9-11, prohibits any kind of political justification to deny the extradition of alleged terrorists.

That is the only way to have that kind of crimes punished, but Washington is blocking the way to justice since it is protecting Posada, just as it did with Orlando Bosch, another terrorist, said the Parliament's President.

Recent declassified official documents include CIA, FBI and State Department reports confirming Posada´s and Bosch´s participation in the Cubana flight attack.

In the papers was found a message from the US ambassador in Caracas, Venezuela's capital, a day after the crime, in which he stated the implication of both terrorists in the action and announced his intention of trying to get them out of Venezuela to avoid justice.

This is only explained by the deep relationship between the US government and terrorists and as it may be disclosed in a trial, the trial is avoided.

In his autobiography Posada tells about his crimes and and his origins in the CIA, where he was taught how to kill and trained, said Alarcon.

According to Alarcon, Bush cannot act correctly in this case since he is stained by his collaboration and relations with assassins as part of his historical plans to attack Cuba.

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