Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Medical Know-How Boosts Cuba's Wealth

By Tom Fawthrop
In Havana


Tuesday, 17 January 2006, 00:07 GMT

Cuba - so long dependent on tourism, the export of cigars and nickel for its survival - has quietly built an impressive healthcare sector that could transform its troubled economy.

Cuban medicine exports help raise foreign currency

Health ministry officials say Cuba's $1.8bn (£1bn) and growing tourism industry will soon be overtaken as the number one foreign exchange earner by biotechnology joint ventures, vaccine exports and the provision of health services to other countries.

Successful clinical trials in several countries have already established Cuba as a world leader in cancer research and treatment

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Dayana Litz said...

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In these moments I am in Ecuador but, approximately, three months ago and a half I reside in Ecuador because I doing a mastery.
It pleases me to know on the Cuban reality since I have seen several web sites where it is in English but that they criticize Cuba very much.
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Cuba Journal said...

Thank you Dayana for your coment.

I like to keep track of the news about my native land, Cuba.

There are may lies propagated about Cuba by the U.S. government.

I try to write about the positive things in Cuba, like Operation Milagro, and the fact that there are no children sleeping in the streets of Havana.

Since January 1, 1959, Cuba is truly a FREE Country.

Let's keep in touch. I will visit your blog.

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