Friday, January 27, 2006

US Organizations Demand End of the Blockade of Cuba

Havana, Jan. 26 (AIN) Representatives of New York's Solidarity-with-Cuba Committee called on participants in the Sixth World Social Forum, underway in Venezuela, to demonstrate to demand the end of the US blockade of Cuba.

The committee, along with anti-interventionist organizations, are planning to demonstrate in Washington on April 9 to demand the halt of hostile actions against Venezuela by the Bush administration, reported the Granma newspaper.

Activities are calling for the normalization of diplomatic relations between Cuban and the US, and the immediate release of the five Cuban men imprisoned in American jails. The demonstrators are expected to urge the government to lift travel restrictions between the two countries as well.

Ike Nohem, a member of New York's committee, said many people in his country support both the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions and support the cause of the five Cubans imprisoned in the US.

A communique issued by the committee explains that the organization is part of growing opposition to Washington's plans against Cuba and Venezuela. Bush's militaristic party was said not to represent the interests of US working class or young people.

The document points to the effects on the American people by transnational corporation's financial and economic policies which violate the people's democratic rights, reads the statement.

The text highlights the fact that the White House has failed to isolate Cuba and Venezuela, and -- on the contrary -- it is Washington that is being isolated due to its warlike, economic and interventionist policies.

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