Friday, January 27, 2006

US Provocations in Cuba Denounced in Miami

Havana, Janaury 27 (AIN) The alternative press in Miami has denounced the relationship between right wing Cuban-Americans based in southern Florida and the latest provocations against Cuba by the US Interests Section in Havana.

A commentary by Andres Gomez, from, said that the actions of the US diplomatic representation -which installed an electronic billboard to spout messages against the Cuban Revolution-- runs contrary to its mission, "although in the end it reflects the ethics of the US government it represents."

After characterizing as utter nonsense the messages on human rights and democracy on the electronic ticker, Gomez added that during the last 47 years "few societies have done as much as Cuba to make the objectives of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a reality.

The Cuban American activist pointed out that the right wing groups based in Miami are attempting to destroy the minimal existing diplomatic ties between Washington and Havana, something they dream would be a prelude to President Bush ordering a military attack on the island.

Andres Gomez concluded by saying that the Cuban government has repeatedly denounced Washington's intentions, and quickly and agilely responded to all the provocations.

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