Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Alice Walker: USA wishes to impose domination on Cuba

By: Luis Melián

Havana, Aug 28 (PL) Reaffirming support for Cuba in the face of The Bush Administration´s new threats, 1983 Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker said today that the United States only wishes to impose domination on the island and destroy its example.

I in no way condone the cruelty inflicted upon the Cuban people by the government of my country, stressed the authoress of the Color Purple in an interview with Prensa Latina.

Mrs. Walker is among the 18 thousand-plus personalities who have signed the ¨Cuba´s Sovereignty Must be Respected¨ Declaration.

Commenting on what led her to sign that document, the renowned writer said that she stands with her friends in Cuba and ¨with people everywhere -in our billions- who understand perfectly well that it isn´t democracy the US wishes to impose but domination and destruction of what many of us believe is a crucial example of a different way to exist, with dignity, in the world¨.

The US government is wrong in its views and treatment of Cuba, and of many other people and countries around the globe, added Mrs. Walker, who has been actively involved in the US Civil Rights Movement, the Women¨s Movement and the antiapartheid struggle, among others.

Aware of the effects of the US policy on Cubans and the latter´s aspirations, she stressed the following message:

Ït is important to me that he people of Cuba understand clearly and at all times that I wish for them exactly what I wish for myself: peace, prosperity, justice, safety, and happiness.

The Cuba´s Sovereignty Must Be Respected¨ Declaration stands as further support from famous artists, politicians, and academicians in the face of the Bush Administration´s new threats on the island.

Washington´s latest measures are summed up in a so-called Plan for a Transition in Cuba, including a secret chapter. The latter has led some to believe that the US is not ruling out a military invasion.

The declaration calling for respect for Cuban sovereignty has been endorsed by several other US personalities, including journalist Saul Landau, movie stars Benicio del Toro, Danny Glover, and Harry Belafonte, and political analyst James Petras.

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