Thursday, August 31, 2006

American People Misunderstand Cuba

Letter to the Editor
By: Ramon Perez
Clermont, Florida

August 31, 2006

For many of us, and the media, Cuba has been the talk these past few weeks. Sadly, the news is not about Cuba per se, but about one Cuban in particular, Fidel Castro. We have been taught -- and it is embedded in our little barains -- to despise most everything Cuban; except that which emanates from southern Florida. It is mind boggling that such unique group of individuals are able to dictate to the federal government what we, as a nation, ought to be doing in Cuba and Latin America, too.

Reading the editorial opinions of most newspapers, we would think our governmet would heed to the advice given by the majority, and make some much needed changes in foreign policy -- in this case, Cuba. Rather, our goverment continues to heed the advice of a few Cuban ex-patriots -- specifically, the first wave of Cuban migrants arriving with the fall of Batista. The thinking of these individuals is well know, and democracy has never been part of their politico-economical lifestyle.

Our very own Declaration of Independence begins by saying "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another...." I think it is time for the federal government to dissolve its allegiance with this group of Cuban migrants and "declare the caused which impel them to the separation." The Cuban embargo is hurting the Cuban people. If there are any beneficiaries of it, they all reside outside Cuba. To continue advocating a failed policy is like admiting we lack the intellect to come up with something different, something innovative.

Advocating a forced transition to change Cuba's economical and political system will never be a welcomed policy for Cubans nor world opinion; like in Iraq, it will fail. Rather we should be making offers of economic and humanitarian support while providing assurances that the United States will respect the sovereingty of its neighbors.

It is said that when overseas, we are ambassadors of our country, So, why aren't we allowed the the free excercise of our right to travel, to assemble? Let us be the ones opening doors of opportunity, of communication, of friendship, of understanding with the Cuban people, It is obvious that our government is not capable of promoting the principles that make our country great.

Our economic and political (even military) interests are better served through a policy of engament and cooperation. Otherwise, those who are better positioned to act first shall receive the better reward. Historically, America chose money over righteousness. It is time we do what is right. In the long end we'll come ahead.


JG: Bravo Ramon! I agree 100%.

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