Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Castro leads Cuba by telephone, former Nicaraguan leader says

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Aug 9, 2006, 16:13 GMT

Managua - Sandinista leader and former Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said Wednesday that Cuban President Fidel Castro 'is already active' and is guiding the island's government by telephone.

Ortega made his comments by telephone to Nicaraguan radio station Radio Ya from Havana, where he arrived three days ago. He said Castro is going through 'a gradual process of recovery' after undergoing surgery on July 31.

Ortega, who governed Nicaragua from 1985-90 and is the current presidential candidate of the leftist Sandinista Front, said he did not know when Castro could reappear in public.

'I think that thanks to science, thank God, we will at some point have Fidel at the head of his functions again,' the Nicaraguan politician said.

Castro, who turns 80 on Sunday, underwent surgery last week for intestinal bleeding and delegated power to his brother Raul. Since then, neither Castro has appeared in public.

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Enrique said...

i wonder whay kind of phone is he using ...

a secure satellite cellular phone.....

Can a Cuban citizen own a cellular

phone in Cuba?