Friday, August 04, 2006

China urges non-interference in Cuban affairs

China Daily


Updated: 2006-08-04 16:58

China urged non-interference in the affairs of Cuba, following comments by US President George W. Bush offering US support for "democratic change" in the Caribbean nation.

"China has all along stood for mutual respect between nations and mutual non-interference in the affairs of other nations," the foreign ministry said when asked to comment on Bush's statement.

"We believe that the internal affairs of Cuba should be decided by the Cuban peoples themselves," the foreign ministry said.

Bush offered US support to Cubans seeking democratic change following the hospitalization of leader Fidel Castro, who on Monday temporarily ceded power to his brother Raul, due to intestinal surgery.

"I urge the Cuban people to work for democratic change on the island," Bush said Thursday in his first comments since Castro stepped aside.

"We will support you in your effort to build a transitional government in Cuba committed to democracy, and we will take note of those, in the current Cuban regime, who obstruct your desire for a free Cuba," Bush added.

On Tuesday, Chinese President Hu Jintao sent a message of good wishes to Cuban leader.

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