Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cuba Imposes Normalcy With Castro Ailing

ABC News

Cuba Tries to Impose Normalcy After Castro Cedes Power to Brother Because of Surgery


HAVANA Aug 1, 2006 (AP)— Cuba's Communist government tried to impose a sense of normalcy Tuesday, its first day in 47 years without Fidel Castro in charge. A senior Cuban official insisted Castro's final moment is still "very far away," despite his handing over power to his brother after surgery.

Parliament Speaker Ricardo Alarcon said the Cuban leader is known for fighting through to the very end but that his "final moment is still very far away," the government's Prensa Latina news service reported.

Alarcon also expressed disgust over celebrations taking place in Miami's Cuban exile community, "vomit-provoking acts" he said were being led by "mercenaries and terrorists."

He called on Cubans to unite and follow the example of Castro, who "watches over every detail and takes measures to confront any enemy aggression."

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