Thursday, August 03, 2006

Funniest story of the last 72 hours.

Today there was an article on the Internet that made me laugh so hard, that my tummy hurt.

It is about some Internet outfit that is officially taking bets regarding how many days Fidel Castro has before he dies. Leave it to rabid and greedy capitalists to try to make a fast buck out of any situation.

Where are the gullible bettors mainly coming from? If you guessed Miami you are right. For the past 47 years, after having to leave Cuba in a hurry on 1-1-59 with their tails between their legs, every bet they have made -- Bay of Pigs, missile crisis, collapse of the socialist block, Elian Gonzalez -- turned out to be a losing bet.

They will lose this bet this time too and the gambling syndicate will run all the way to the bank laughing.

There will be no transition to capitalism in Cuba after Fidel dies. The socialist nature of Cuba will remain. There will probably be some reforms by the new regime, but there is nothing wrong with that.

The Taiwanese are making investments in the mainland of China. If the Miami exiles were a little smart, they would do the same. But as long as they continue with their hate mentality they will not accomplish much.

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