Thursday, August 17, 2006

How can we condemn Cuba over liberties?

Tallahassee Democrat

Originally published August 17, 2006

In the last 10 years, we have fallen victim to one domestic terrorist action. What has been our response? Ignoring our 300-year tradition of civil liberties, we have restricted our rights of privacy and speech. We have engaged in aggressive war. We have practiced torture. We have lied about this and more. We have abandoned our national honor. We claim justification by our need to stop terrorism.

Cuba has been the target of unremitting terror since it gained freedom from the corrupt Batista. The U.S. has waged a savage economic, military and propaganda war against it. We have attempted to assassinate its leader. We turn a blind eye as a small group of crypto-fascist expatriates conducts terror activities on the island.

It is hypocritical to condemn Cuba for failing to expand civil liberties when we are so ready to eliminate our own with so much less provocation.


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