Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nixon and Bush Similarities

"It was persistent failure in the Vietnam War, already a decade old and deeply unpopular, that let to an embattled, isolated, nearly demented Richard Nixon to draw up his enemies list, illegally spy on his domestic opposition, obstruct justice when his misdeeds become known, ramble drunkenly in the Oval Office about using nuclear weapons and ultimately mount an assault on the constitutional system of checks and balances. And it is today an unpopular President Bush, unable either to win the Iraq War or extricate himself from it, who has launched his absolutist assault on the Constitution. Power corrupts, says the old saw. But is power the right word to use in the face of so much failure?

Too Late for Empire
The Origin of the Crisis of the Republic
By Jonathan Schell
The Nation Magazine, Printed Edition.
August 14/21, 2006


JG: To the failure of Bush's war in Iraq, which was sold to the American public based on lies, one has to add his continued support of a failed policy on Cuba.

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