Friday, August 04, 2006

Right wing frenzy among Cuban Americans in Miami

Radio Cadena Agramonte

Havana, Aug 4.- Right wing Cuban Americans based in Miami are choking in vein with illusions while the US government openly increases its intervention in Cuba's internal affairs, concluded panelists on Thursday's TV and radio Round Table program.

The analysts from Cuban TV, Granma and Juventud Rebelde newspapers pointed to the hate emanating from Cuban born terrorists who depend on the Bush administration and its new aggressive plans against the Cuban people for their livelihood.

The panelists noted that calm and peace reigns in Cuba as well as attention to defense preparedness, as requested by President Fidel Castro, who underwent surgery and called on the people to continue forward with the programs of the Revolution.

Moderator Randy Alonso said that in a statement made on Thursday the US President called the current situation in Cuba "uncertain" and threatened with "taking note" of those that attempt to obstruct the US hope to prompt a regime change on the island.

In an open challenge to the most elemental ethics, Republican Representatives Mario and Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, Democrat Bob Menendez and Florida Senators Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson met with representatives of the US National Security Council to plot against the Cuban state, informed Reinaldo Taladrid a senior TV commentator.

White House spokesperson Tony Snow announced that they "debated the situation created by the recent delegation of powers to Defense Minister Raul Castro and the possibility of immediately increasing transmissions of radio and TV Marti."

Taladrid recalled that with the multi million dollar budgets approved for the illegal US government radio and television transmissions against Cuba, those in what he called the anti Cuba business, are benefited. He further noted how their interests coincide with those of the current US administration.

He pointed out that congresswoman Ross-Lehtinen declined to comment on the issues discussed in the meeting, although it is known that both she and congressman Diaz Balart have publicly called for the assassination of Fidel Castro, which constitutes an outright violation of US laws.

Taladrid noted how anti Cuban fanatics gathered on Miami's 8th Street to celebrate Fidel's health situation. He cited a report in a Spanish newspaper commenting on the boozing protestors holding US flags.

Journalist Arleen Rodriguez warned that the recent statements by US spokespersons are nothing new. She recalled that Mr. Snow had previously referred to the millions of dollars offered by the US to destabilize Cuba.

However, international press agencies have revealed interviews made with ordinary people on the island, in which they reiterate their commitment to reject any attempt to attack the island.

Footage of reports from foreign and national television were broadcast during the Round Table with messages of solidarity to Fidel and Raul and in full support of the Revolution.

The reports included the historic merits of the top two Cuban leaders and criticized the enemies of the Revolution acting in conjunction with the US government. Foreign reporters commented on the normal atmosphere this week in Cuba.

Dozens of new solidarity messages from people concerned about Fidel�s health were read on the Round Table program, sent by heads of state, leaders of political parties and social organizations, deputies, intellectuals and various Nobel Prize laureates, among others.

Lazaro Barredo, director of Granma daily, referred to statements made by Jorge Mas Santos, head of the Cuban American National Foundation and self-proclaimed observer over the interests of the Cuban people. Mas Santos called for civic and military disobedience and for the organization of a coup on the island.

Mas Santos claimed his call to action has received the support of the heads of state of El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic as well as from former leaders including Jose Maria Aznar and Lech Walesa, politicians known to be at the service of the interests of the US government, pointed out Barredo.

To add to these nightmares, there are also right wing Congressional Representatives who are presenting legislation to accelerate the delivery of an additional 80 million dollars, already approved for the executors of the so called plan for transition against Cuba, said Rogelio Polanco, director of the daily Juventud Rebelde.

He noted that such an attitude of these legislators is proof of their electoral opportunism, while other representatives, like NY congressman Jose Serrano, raised their voices to criticize the US government's behavior.

Polanco maintained that the only way to try and apply the Bush Plan to annex Cuba would be by force, but noted that this would not succeed either because the Revolution with Raul Castro at the helm of the Revolutionary Armed Forces is ready and prepared to stop them.

At the conclusion of the Round Table program solidarity messages for Fidel were read sent by Cuban Five members Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and Antonio Guerrero, incarcerated in the US for fighting terrorism.

The panelists also announced that Panama's First Attorney General Mercedes de Leon called on former officials under the government of Mireya Moscoso to appear in court over the illegal freeing in 2004 of Cuban born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and his accomplices who were serving prison terms for events related to an assassination plot against Cuban President Fidel Castro in 2000. (ACN)

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