Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sarah Stephens: For Castro's Cuba, A Time of Dignity and Respect

Sarah Stephens at the Huffington Post


For almost fifty years, U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba has been predicated on bringing the regime of President Fidel Castro to an end. That policy, an artifact of the Cold War, has done nothing to change Cuba; it is a museum piece not unlike the American cars from the fifties that cough and wheeze their way through Havana's traffic, and is has left America isolated from the actions and passions of Cuban life.

With Fidel's illness and the temporary transfer of his power to his brother, Raul Castro, Cuba has vaulted back onto the front page for the first time since the tug of war over Elian Gonzalez. This is America's final chance to get our Cuba policy right before the transition becomes permanent.

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