Thursday, August 24, 2006

Saul Landau Defends Cuban Sovereignty

Havana, Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) Saul Landau, one of the leading journalists in the US, has for 47 years defended Cuba from successive US governments that have wanted it destroyed.

He recently joined the over 13,000 notables, including nine Nobel prizewinners, in signing a document demanding respect for Cuba´s sovereignty, which is threatened by the aggressive rhetoric of the Bush government.

Landau, who is the author of more than 10 books, answered some questions by Prensa Latina on Wednesday.

-What was your motivation for signing the Havana-released manifesto "Cuba's Sovereignty Must Be Respected," signed by at least 13,000 prominent people from 100 countries?

I signed the declaration because Cuba, as a sovereign state, has a right to independence.

For 47 years, since the triumph of the Revolution, I have struggled for the Island's sovereignty, as my government has made strenuous efforts to destroy it, because the US expects Latin America's obedience, rather than independence.

Cuba, in this case, should enter the Guinness Book of World Records, for setting a mark of disobeying its powerful neighbor.

-The US government announced a plan for democratic transition in Cuba, comprising a secret chapter that Cubans interpret as a monstrous plan to attack the Island militarily. What do you think about that plan?

That plan is like a revived Platt Amendment, that freak the US imposed on the Cuban government in 1902 and gave the giant US power to intervene in the Island whenever it thought it fit.

The new vision of Bush and his "secret" section is remodeled to meet the requirements of the Florida-based Cubans, who beg the administration for a more aggressive policy toward Cuba. It is like the pettifogging logic of Al Capone.

-What is your view about the US and European use of religion and fear of terrorism to materialize their goals of domination?

I think it is a cruel joke.

President George W. Bush affirms God speaks to him and that makes me recall US comedian Lili Tomlin when she said, "When people talk to God that's called prayer, but when God speaks to people that s schizophrenia."

It is way too much to invoke the Ten Commandments and not practice them.

For example, preacher Pat Robertson, who is a friend of Bush, called to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in a clear violation of the Sixth Commandment.

The language used by the Bush administration is part, of course, of the current war situation. The United States has not been victorious in Iraq, US troops are harassed in Afghanistan, and there was clearly a defeat by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

I think the American public is getting wary of the religious-terrorist rhetoric and will show their feeling in the congressional elections at the end of this year.


Renegade Eye said...

Really good blog.

It is refreshing to see a blog of a Cuban-American, that is not rabid against Castroism.

Cuba Journal said...

Thanks for your visit and your compliment. I love Cuba, and want the best for it. I want to write about the positive things in Cuba.

Every time I read a story in the Internet about the thousands of doctors that Cuba sends to many countries, I feel very proud of having Cuban blood.

People helping people. That is what life should be all about. Hate destroys people.