Monday, September 18, 2006

Cuba is not Jericho

Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque talks about Fidel and Raul

“The is no single needle of difference between the political thoughts of Fidel and Raul, like there in no compromise in their decision and wish to give their lives for the Revolution, to which they have dedicated more than half a century. Everything else is superficial speculation, and then there are the hairy hands of the enemies that attempt to use all this to discredit. The recent happenings have been a lesson to those who believed that when Fidel was no longer active, like he has not been able to do with his habitual responsibilities, Jericho was going to happen here, the trumpets would sound, and it would crumble. And nothing crumbled here, like nothing crumbled during the Pope’s visit. The predictions did not happen, and it was demonstrated what constitutes an educated people that are owners of their destinies, a people with maturity and commitment to the institutions, to the Revolution, with the project of a country that the Revolution embodies. And where are, and to what are dedicated those who are adversaries to our projects, receiving the money of our enemies? Where thy can only be: hiding under a bed or going to the Interest Section to receive instructions. And the people, serene, firm, and tens of thousands mobilized and ready, and the rest vigilant and alive. Because of that, we are an invincible country; and because of that we have resisted aggressions and pressures. To the people, none of this is a surprise. The people knew that if Fidel was not here, Raul would be here until Fidel reincorporates himself recuperated. And Fidel won another battle against the demons and his health is recuperating.”

Talking about Elian Gonzalez, the U.S. blockade against Cuba, the American people and the travel ban to Cuba:

“The Cuban people never forgets that Elián González lives here a happy child, together with his father and his family, and his school classmates, in an important measure, not only because of the battle of our people and the international support that this aroused, also too to the public opinion in the United States, to broad sectors of the Cuban community that lives in the United States, that were opposed to the manipulation of this theme, of that unprecedented crime. The north American people rejects the blockade more each time, rejects that they are prohibited from traveling to Cuba, or that there should be normal commerce and relations or families interchanges. That is, we do not blame the people of the United States, like we do not blame the majority of the community that lives in the United States.”

Translation by JG from the official text of the government of the Republic of Cuba, as published in Juventud Rebelde on September 17, 2006.

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