Friday, September 01, 2006

A lot of "may" and a lot of hopes in capitalist U.S. press reports about Cuba

September 1, 2006

It is no secret. Many in the American press hate socialist Cuba, and a special extra dose of that hatred has always been reserved for Cuban President Fidel Castro. It is a rare instance when you see an American press report about Cuba that is unbiased or evenhanded. Why? Most newspapers in the United States are owned by big corporations. To a capitalist corporation the first commandment is "Thou shall make money" and not "Thou shall inform the public in a fair manner." There is always a heavy dose of promotion of capitalist ideals and wishful thinking.

For example, there are -- according to published reports -- about 45 million Americans that do not have health insurance. Very rarely you will see a balanced media article reporting as to why this happens in the richest nation of the world. Two days ago, in a TV report in CNN, statistics were given that the number of the uninsured in our country has grown to 46.6 millions this year. Did you see this reported or analyzed in the front pages of the Washington Post, or the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal? Of course not. Those are parts of the "American dream" that they rarely report on.

And so, I was not surprised to read the latest article of the Associated Press under the byline of Vanessa Arrington published in the Washington Post. The title: New Leadership May Spark Change in Cuba. The capitalists in the U.S. keep on hoping and keep on dreaming that clocks in Cuba will be turned back to the pre-1959 era when "democratic" president Fulgencio Batista had "multi party elections." The type of "elections' that they want for Cuba is the one that they regularly have in Miami, where people in cemeteries vote by absentee ballot.

They still don't get it!

And Vanessa tells us that the U.S. government's latest "transition" plan assumes "a more active civil society" and a "growing sense of frustration among ordinary Cubans" on the island will help hasten change, especially after Fidel Castro, now 80, is gone.

They don't give up, do they? Every news report about Cuba since Fidel Castro transferred power to his brother Raul talks about and promotes this so-called "transition." Haven't they realized yet that it is very doubtful that the Cuban people will chose the type of system advocated by Uncle Sam? Talk about a heavy dose of wishful thinking!

The capitalists in the U.S. can not accept that there was a succession and not a transition after July 31.

But I am not going to give Vanessa an F for her report. I will give her a D-, because she quotes someone that is honest and whom I admire very much.

Wayne Smith, top U.S. diplomat in Havana from 1979 to 1982: "I don't think they're going to make sweeping changes just to please the United States. The idea that a little more of a shove and the Cuban regime was gone" was wrong, Smith said. "Nothing that they were predicting has happened, so they look quite foolish."

I nominate Mr. Smith to be the next U.S. ambassador to Cuba under a Democratic Party President inaugurated in January of 2009. King "W" is the worst President that the U.S. ever had.

I am sure that the Cuban people want friendly relations with the U.S., but those relations have to be based on mutual respect and not on crazy and iditiotic secret reports that have no support inside the island.

Cuba for the Cubans, and keep the mafia in Miami.

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