Sunday, September 17, 2006

NAM Backs Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela

Havana, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) One of the five main documents of the Final Declaration of the 14th Non Aligned Movement Summit Saturday included declarations supporting Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque revealed that the heads of state and government of NAM, in a climate of unity and consensus, expressed their “firm support and solidarity for Bolivia”, where foreign forces are intent on destabilizing the government of Evo Morales.

The Final Declaration reiterates demands to end the economic, trade and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and described the blockade as unilateral and contrary to the United Nations Charter, international law, and the good neighbor principle.

The national leaders attending the meeting also expressed their deep concern at the growing extraterritorial character of the blockade against Cuba and rejected measures adopted by the United States government to strengthen it.

Referring to the contents of the document, the chancellor added that it also demands “the return of Cuban sovereignty over the territory occupied by the Guantanamo Naval Base and an end to aggressive radio and television broadcasts.

It further states that these measures are a violation of Cuban sovereignty and a serious violation of the human rights of its people.

Regarding Venezuela, Perez Roque told the press the document supports the constitutional government of President Hugo Chavez, who was democratically elected and ratified by the majority of the people.

They acknowledged the proven impartiality and reliability of the constitutional electoral power guaranteeing impartial, transparent and reliable elections to be held in December 2006.

NAM countries expressed concern over the aggressive policies of the US government against Venezuela and manifested the inalienable right of its people to determine their own form of government and choose its economic, political and social system free from foreign intervention, subversion, coercion and restrictions.

They expressed their concern over the increase of actions by the United States to destabilize Venezuela, including the recent establishment of an office to step up espionage and gather intelligence material against Caracas and Havana.

The Summit leaders expressed support for Venezuela´s extradition request to Washington to bring to justice those responsible for the terrorist attack on a Cuban de Aviacion passenger plane in October 1976 that killed 73 innocent civilians.

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