Sunday, September 17, 2006

Non-Aligned Movement summit wraps up in Havana

China View

HAVANA, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- The 14th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit concluded here early Sunday morning with adoption of five documents urging solidarity among member countries to better respond to global threats and challenges.

The summit adopted five documents: "Declaration on purposes and principles and the role of the NAM in present international juncture," "Final Document," "Document on Methodology Plan of Action," "Declaration on Palestine" and "Statement on the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear Issue."

"Declaration on purposes and principles and the role of the NAM in present international juncture" confirms the Movement as a forum of political coordination and agreement for countries of the South, to promote their interests, to enhance solidarity, unity and coordination among the members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

This declaration will be the main guideline for the work of the Cuban presidency over the next three years.

"Final Document" makes fundamental statements advocating the promotion and preservation multilateralism. It reaffirms that the United Nations, its Charter and International Law continue to be indispensable.

"Document on Methodology Plan of Action" is a document of great importance, which allows the ratification and institutionalizing of practices and procedures in the working methods the Movement has followed over the years.

In "Declaration on Palestine," solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people is reaffirmed.

"Statement on the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear Issue" ratifies that all nations have the right to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

In a news briefing after the summit, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez called the summit a success for the Non-Aligned Movement. The Havana summit made contributions in strengthening and increasing the role and the prominence of NAM, he said.

The foreign minister said NAM was working in a more united manner and more firmly in the defense of multilateralism, the preservation of the UN Charter and its members' rights.

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