Sunday, September 03, 2006

Venezuela Names Ali Rodriguez Ambassador in Cuba

Caracas, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan named as Ambassador to Cuba its former Foreign Minister Ali Rodriguez, who commented on the importance of bilateral relations and mutual support for both nations.

Rodriguez stated the appointment by Hugo Chavez was a great honor, in a news conference with reporters following an act of the Patria para Todos Party, to which he belongs.

He said he will take the post after formalities are completed with the approval of Cuban authorities, the national Assembly, the decree for his appointment and the swearing-in.

Ali Rodriguez stated Venezuela and developing nations of South America have received Cuban collaboration in programs implemented by Chavez to offer education and health services free of charge, among others.

The former Foreign minister asserted Caracas has helped Cuba overcome the US blockade, mainly in fields such as energy.

On the domestic situation in Venezuela, Rodriguez assured it was good but there were problems to solve.

The Cuba-bound diplomat said Chavez latest international tour proved Venezuelan success in the world, and the failed US efforts to try to isolate Caracas.

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