Friday, September 08, 2006

Why is travel to Cuba barred?

Granma International

Havana. September 7, 2006

Hernando Today Florida) - Why is travel to Cuba barred? If we are truly free Americans, why can't we go to Cuba? My whole life pretty much we can't go, but in earlier times we could.

If it is so bad there, why aren't we allowed to see that for ourselves? It's not for our safety and Americans are allowed to go to more dangerous places on the planet, such as the Holy Land. We even have our own military base on Cuba but as "free" Americans we can't go there. Cuba's #1 industry is tourism but we can't go.

I've been around the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Jamaica but can't go to Cuba. The closest I got was Key West, closer to Cuba than our own mainland.

We have an embargo against them because of "communism" but not against other communist countries such as China. One extreme to another! In spite of our government being hell-bent on breaking Fidel Castro he has led his country longer than any leader in recent history. If he was so bad, wouldn't the Cubans revolt?

Can't we ever give people any credit to control their own lives without our not-so-helpful interference? Instead of our Christian nation, paradoxically, wishing Cuba harm. They enjoy health equal to ours in life expectancy and infant mortality. Their doctors are world renowned.

It really doesn't make any sense to have this relationship with a neighboring country. They have a great culture and some of the world's best music. It's close, it's tropical and open for business. But if Americans go there, they risk jail time and large fines.

In all of my studies of our nation's geopolitical policies Cuba's and Israel's are the absolute strangest. The government of Cuba can do no right and the government of Israel can do no wrong.

I find these to be creepy policies. By the way, I am part Israeli and feel that both of my countries do things that are not in my name.

Jennifer Sullivan
Spring Hill

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