Friday, April 20, 2007

Cuba Slams Posada Release in US

Havana, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba condemned on Friday the release of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and accused the US government of ignoring the world clamor against this decision, termed an insult to victims of his crimes.

In a declaration, the island's government states US President George W.Bush's administration as the only responsible party for this act in favor of Posada Carriles, a shameless, cruel and despicable man.

The full responsibility for the release of the terrorist and its consequences fall on the US government and, very particularly, on that country s president, states the document.

The text notes that with "that cruel and despicable act the US seeks to buy the terrorist s silence on his crimes at the service of the CIA," especially when Bush senior was its General Director.

With this decision, denounces the testimony, the US government has ignored the clamor raised throughout the world, even within that nation s territory, against impunity and the political manipulation of this action.

This action is an insult to the Cuban people and those that lost 73 of their children in the abominable 1976 explosion in mid air of a Cubana de Aviacion airplane off the coast of Barbados, states the Declaration.

This decision, points out the article, is also an affront to the US people, and vigorously denies the alleged "war against terrorism" declared by President George W. Bush's government.

The release of the terrorist, underlines the document, has been organized by the White House as compensation so Posada Carriles does not spread what he knows on innumerable secrets of his long period as agent of US special services.

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