Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Fatherland transcends one person

When Jose Marti was cut down in Dos Rios by a Spanish bullet, the dreams of Cubans did not die. Those dreams and ideas served as the seed for a more potent brand of Cuban nationalism. The Cuban nation had to face and come to grips with a more robust opponent from the brutal North, who wanted a Cuba that was subservient to their greedy economic interests, and Cubans watched throughout the neo-colonial period of 1898-1958 as they became the new masters.

The corrupt brand of "democracy" imported and imposed by the new rulers did not last very long, a mere sixty years. But the dream was kept alive. The brutality of the Batista regime, who was nothing but a puppet of yankee imperialism, came to an abrupt end on January 1st 1959, when Cuba finally became a truly free and independent nation.

Imperialists do not desire a free nation. And so, they contracted with mercenary "freedom fighters," like the gang who could not shoot straight at the Bay of Pigs, and Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles. They carried out all the dirty tricks of the empire, but they failed too.

A when the current leader of the Cuban nation joins The Apostle in the immortal pages of Cuban history, a new wave of equally good leaders will take the helm of the island. The dream will not die.

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