Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First game starts with a denunciation. Avispas win 19-6.

The first game between the Industriales and Santiago de Cuba is under way.

Before the game started, the catcher and captain of the Santiago de Cuba team read a communique to the Cuban people, in which the baseball players of the country denounced the new scheme of the empire in giving bail to the most notorious terrorist of the hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles.

The Industriales lead on the top of the first inning by a score of 1-0. They have two hits, and the avispas committed an error which allowed the first run to score.

After one complete inning Santiago de Cuba leads 1-3.

The avispas are HOT. Alexei Bell hits a home-run in the bottom of the third and now lead 1-4. The Industriales starting pitcher, Frank Montieth, is taken out. He allowed four runs on six hits.

The Santiago de Cuba team is having batting practice with the Industriales. No outs yet in the bottom of the third. The avispas lead 1-8. Two errors by the blue lions.

Alexei Bell hist his second home-run in the third inning. 1-11 is the score. Will the mercy rule be invoked in this game?

Bottom of the fourth. Score 1-13 and the Leones are saying: why are the Avispas picking on us?

After five complete innings the Avispas continue with their bombardment of runs. They now have 19 runs. The Leones have four.

The game ended after six and a half innings due to the mercy rule. Satiago: 19, Industriales 6.

During their last three games the Avispas have scored 53 runs.

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