Sunday, April 29, 2007

New U.S. motion in El Paso

Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde, in an article titled "The United States tries to silence Posada Carriles," has reported that U.S. prosecutors presented this past Friday a new court motion which tries to exclude "all types of evidence, testimony, questions or arguments" regarding the relationship of Luis Posada Carriles and the CIA.

The document, signed by U.S. prosecutors John W. Van Lonkhuyzen and Paul Ahern, of the Division of National Security of the Justice Department, afirms that the relationship of the terrorist and the CIA "is at the point of ending in 1976."

The motion also presents a declassified document, supposedly signed by Luis Posada Carriles on February 13, 1976, where he promises not to divulge any secrets related to the inteligency agency.

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