Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Victims Protest Cuban Militant's Release

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Wednesday April 11, 2007 10:46 PM


Associated Press Writer

HAVANA (AP) - Tearful relatives of Cubans killed in a 1976 airline bombing blamed on anti-communist militant Luis Posada Carriles denounced on Wednesday a U.S. court ruling allowing the jailed former U.S. operative to be released from prison on bond.

``I'm outraged,'' said Iliana Alfonso, whose father was among those killed on the Cubana de Aviacion flight that exploded off Barbados. ``In the United States, they are talking about good terrorism and bad terrorism. To me, all terrorism is bad.''

Alfonso read aloud a protest Wednesday by relatives of victims of the airline bombing. ``It is not ethical to unleash wars against terrorism, provoking the deaths of thousands of citizens in distant parts of the world while sheltering in its own territory terrorists who are self-confessed and still active,'' it said.

Cuba also accuses Posada of plotting a series of bombings at several Havana hotels in 1997, including one that killed 32-year-old Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo.

His sad eyes partially obscured by thick bifocals, and a voice that wavered and cracked, di Celmo's father, Giustino, said in an interview that ``every time I hear the name of Posada Carriles, my personality changes completely.''

``Before me, I see blood, blood and more blood,'' said the Italian citizen, who moved to Havana after his son's death.

Like Alfonso, di Celmo worried releasing Posada on bond could be risky, saying ``a person like that, who is still protected by the United States government, could flee.''

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