Saturday, June 23, 2007

CIA to declassify skeletons in the closet

The Denver Post

Article Last Updated: 06/22/2007 12:22:13 AM MDT

Washington - The CIA will declassify hundreds of pages of long-secret records detailing some of the intelligence agency's worst abuses - the so- called "family jewels" documenting a quarter-century of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying, kidnapping and infiltration of leftist groups from the 1950s to the 1970s, CIA Director Michael Hayden said Thursday.

The documents, to be publicly released next week, include accounts of break-ins and theft, the agency's opening of private mail to and from China and the Soviet Union, wiretaps and surveillance of journalists, and a series of "unwitting" tests on U.S. civilians, including the use of drugs.

"Most of it is unflattering, but it is CIA's history," Hayden said in a speech to a conference of foreign policy historians. The documents have been sought for decades by historians, journalists and conspiracy theorists and have been the subject of many fruitless Freedom of Information Act requests.

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