Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cuba Guarantees Food Despite Price Increases on International Market

Ahora, Cuba

Por Redacción AHORA / Miércoles, 27 de Junio del 2007 / 12:18:10 /

Cuba has already allocated more than a hundred million dollars over the 2006 level to guarantee food for the Cuban families’ basic grocery basket.

Included on the agenda of Cuba’s parliament is the issue of food, which is provided for all residents on the island in an equitable manner at subsidized prices. Members of the Commission on Attention to Services — as one of the ten bodies of the Cuban Parliament whose functioning is ongoing — met to tackle the complexities of the current international food market in which the price increases are constant.

This situation is exacerbated by the disastrous practice of transforming foods into bio-fuels, which puts upward pressure on the prices of products traditionally dedicated to human consumption. Moreover, the greatest negative impact of this is on the poorest countries of the planet.

Nonetheless, Cuba has been able to maintain its basic nutrition levels, even when it has been necessary to earmark additional funding for this.

The island has put in place a program of modernization of food warehouses, as well as improving energy-efficient transportation services dedicated to the distribution of these goods.

A regular function of the Cuban deputies, as members of the permanent working commissions, consists of conducting inspections of the economic and social activities of the country. Through these tours delegates have the opportunity to exchange opinions with workers and managers at state enterprises such as the CIMEX Corporation, which is involved in the domestic market of foreign currency goods. During a tour of that enterprise, delegates evaluated the quality of services provided to the public and improvements in labor discipline.

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