Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cuba Pleased by Mexico's HR Stance

Havana, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque expressed satisfaction with Mexico's stance at the recently-held session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, at which that Latin American country backed the Caribbean Island.

At a news conference in Havana on Wednesday, Perez Roque said that Mexican Ambassador to the UNHRC Luis Alfonso de Alba played a major constructive role while he presided over the sessions of the council.

"Cuba considers that Mexico's URC presidency played a constructive role, Ambassador De Alba concluded his one-year mandate as president yesterday, and he was acknowledged there by the Council, including Cuba's voice," Perez Roque said.

He pointed out that "in an explicit way (Cuba) acknowledged the balanced and adjusted way in which he (De Alba) chaired the Council in this complex process of institutional construction."

The head of Cuban diplomacy noted the Council's decision to cancel the mandate of the so-called personal representative of the UN High Human Rights Commissioner.

Perez Roque said that diplomatic contacts between Cuba and Mexico took place recently, during which the Felipe Calderon government expressed his goodwill, also expressed in public.

Geneva is a concrete fact, said Perez Roque, although he made it clear that "it is not the only obstacle to be removed, there are other issues to work on."

He favored the improvement of bilateral ties to the level they have always had, in allusion to the historic friendship between the two countries' governments and peoples before President Vicente Fox (2000-2006) took office.

The relationship of brotherhood between the Mexican and Cuban peoples prevails, there is an indestructible sentiment that has passed the test of turbulent years, he commented.

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