Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pertierra: Posada appeal is more of the same

June 7, 2007

In a statement made to Cuban daily Juventud Rebelde, attorney Jose Pertierra, who represents Venezuela in the Posada extradition case, declared that “this appeal by the government is simply more or the same.”

Regarding the reason of why the American government waited until the last minute to appeal, the attorney commented that “the principal interest seems to be the delay of the process, to try to hide the protection that the United States is offering the terrorist.”

“To hide the fact that they are protecting him, the White House pretends to process the terrorist of serious [immigration] felonies before federal tribunals, charges that when they are examined carefully, we realize that Posada would be free even if he is convicted of having committed them,” Pertierra assured.

“This appeal is simply more of the same,” he concluded.

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