Saturday, June 23, 2007

Registered independents growing

Due to the great dissatisfaction with the two major political parties, the number of people who are registering as independents --- called NPA's or No Political Affiliation --- is growing.

I am an NPA who was thinking of re-registering as a Democrat, in order to vote in the more interesting primary of the Dems. Not anymore. After the disastrous vote in the House on the Diaz-Balart-Sires amendment, which saw 66 Democrats help pass a document written by two ultra-right-wing congressmen, I decided to stay as an NPA. In my book right now, the Democratic Party stinks.

The Democratic Party has no convictions, other than the almighty dollar. These 66 Democrats hope that a "transition" in Cuba will bring them lots of greenbacks.

Just the facts, Mam. Here they are, according to The Wall Street Journal:

"In the 27 states that register voters by party, the number of registered Democrats has fallen by 6%, to 42%, and Republicans have decreased by 1%, to 33% since 1994, according to political analyst Rhodes Cook. Meanwhile, the number of voters registered as independent has increased in all 27 states, to an average of 25% from 18%."

In other words, Dems and Reps go down while the NPA's go up.

Add to this the fact that -- according to the latest polls -- only 20% of Americans say that Congress is doing a good job, and you begin to see why the number of independents is growing.

Could they decide the next presidential election? They very well could.

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