Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bush’s warmongers prepare to launch nuclear holocaust

Not content with $81 dollars a barrel for oil, the warmongers in the White House are preparing to launch an armed nuclear attack against Iran, many sources have reported in the Internet.

It is feared that Iran would retaliate by attacking and wiping out the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, sending world oil prices above $100 dollars a barrel. If you are unhappy with the current prices at the gas pump, wait till you see $10.00 a gallon prices.

This nuclear attack of Bush’s oil men will plunge the world’s economy into a deep depression.

Bush is desperate. He is being repudiated every day inside our country. He will leave the White House with a country totally in tatters, but do not be surprised if he engineers a military coup d'etat to perpetuate himself in power.

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