Saturday, September 01, 2007

Castro Rumors Loud In Miami But Quiet In Havana

CBS News, Philadelphia

September 01, 2007

* Original CBS 3 article: Castro Rumors Loud In Miami But Quiet In Havana.

When Little Havana neighborhoods had been circulating reports of Fidel Castro's death in recent weeks, Havana appeared calm, according to a published report in Saturday's The Miami Herald.

Cubans there told a reporter for the newspaper that people say they've only heard rumors of Castro's death filtering from Miami through friends and family.

Cubans say there's not even enough information on Castro's health to fuel interesting speculation, where his condition has been declared a ''state secret'' and the government-controlled media does not make mention of the issue.

The paper quoted an elderly man saying, ''Some people say he's already been cremated, and others say they have him preserved in wax somewhere, but nobody really knows anything.''

When the rumors were widespread in Miami last Friday, a taxi driver said they were quiet in Havana.


JG: To the gusanos in Miami: You live based on illusions and false hopes. You will reap disappointments.

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