Saturday, September 29, 2007

Che wins another battle

Cuba’s daily Granma, under the byline of Héctor Arturo, has reported that the son of the Bolivian government official who murdered Che Guevara when he was captured, presented himself before the newspaper “El Deber” and asked to have a note published where he said that he was grateful to the Cuban doctors who had restored the sight of his elderly father who was suffering from cataracts. The operation took place in Bolivia under the program “Operation Miracle” of the Republic of Cuba.

The name of the official was Mario Terán. When he received the order from his bosses, he had to resort to alcohol to obtain courage and to be able to carry it through. He himself narrated to the news media later on how he shook like a leave before this man, who in that moment he saw as “big, very big.”

Che, wounded and unarmed, sat on the floor of the humble school, observed the man as he was vacillating and was fearful, and had all the courage that this assassin was lacking and opened his green olive shirt, bared his chest and screamed “Don’t shake any more and shoot here, because you are going to kill a man.”

Mario Terán was carrying out the orders of Generals René Barrientos and Alfredo Ovando, the White House and the CIA.

Now, Mario Terán did not have to pay a cent for the cataracts operation by Cuban doctors in a hospital donated by Cuba and inaugurated by President Evo Morales in Santa Cruz.

Four decades after Mario Terán tried to kill with his crime a dream and an idea, Che wins another battle. And he continues his struggle…

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