Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Comment slams South Florida Cuban-Americans 'morons' who support the embargo

It's high time for Americans to get over the ridiculous notion that ignoring and embargoing Cuba is doing any good for anyone. We tried that with China and got nowhere; by contrast, we started engaging China again in the 1970s and the results have been far better than our short-sighted and utterly ineffectual stance on Cuba, which serves no purpose whatsoever except to make certain myopic, vengeance-crazed Cuban immigrants who hate Castro feel good. I'd also like to give a shout-out to all the South Florida Cubans who support the moronic U.S. stance on Cuba -- thanks ever so much for playing a key role in screwing this country up big time by handing control of the U.S. government to George W. Bush and his band of greedy evildoers in 2000! We sane Americans really appreciate being forced to endure an eight-year national nightmare just because you people can't see beyond your petty hatred for Castro and are actually stupid enough to think that Republicans are more likely than Democrats to help you get rid of him!

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thedreaming1 1:46 PM

Cuba Embargo Issue goes to the U.N.

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