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Cuba: The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen

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There is a place in Cuba coasts with a special natural, historical and tourist attraction. We are referring to the northeastern littoral region of the island in Holguin province. There, in one of its beaches known as Bariay where Admiral Christopher Columbus disembarked discovering the isle of Cuba. It was then when he expressed the immortal phrase: “This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”. Sculptural monuments there evoke the event.

The geography of this part of the Cuban coasts has a peculiarity in the presence almost constant of orographic formations that distinguish the beaches of this region from the rest of the country. The beaches from the northern part of Holguin province offer enviable privacy. The coastal area that covers from Gibara to Saetia Cay forms an important tourist complex in the warm and limpid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Guaradalavaca is the best and most famous beach of this area, one of the main tourist complexes of the country. It is located exactly 42 kilometers from Holguin city. This shore has a shell shape distinguished by big rocks and surrounded by abundant vegetation. The tourist infrastructure includes several five-star hotels.

On the other hand, Don Lino beach located very close to Bariay is smaller but with excellent natural conditions with very few influxes of bathers, ideal for those who prefer to enjoy the beach in total relaxation. Every night, a great cabaret opens its doors over an old wooden ship, a real replica of La Santa Maria ship, one of the three caravels brought by Columbus in his first trip.

Another charming spot of Holguin coastal region is the place known as Naranjo Bay. That is a natural park covering 32 km of coastal area and thousand of hectares with abundant vegetation where we can find mastic trees and the yagrumas in the semicaducifolic mountains and mangrove swamps, river bushes and grape plants in the coast.

There are small isles in the middle of the bay. In Naranjo cay there is a marine residence with swimming pool and dolphinarium. In addition, there are boats excursions as well as delicious lobsters at the restaurant. Likewise, walks to enjoy nature, visits to the zoo –aquarium, diving practice and beach. The mountains of this natural reserve next to the Atlantic Ocean are Carsic hills with a height between 60 and 200 meters above the sea level with plentiful flora that travelers will soon be acquainted with.

Naranjo Bay is located next to the great hotels of this tourist complex, 48 kilometers from the provincial capital; however, we cannot forget an exclusive and small hotel called Birancito, diminutive of the word Biran, name of the place where Fidel Castro was born. This hotel, positioned in a natural and isolated environment is very attractive for its comfort and category but it is very difficult to find availability to accommodate there.

A fascinating spot of this region is Saetia Cay located to the other side of Nipe Bay, which is the highest bay of the country where this littoral area is situated.

The cay is situated 95 kilometers from Guardalavaca beach. A wide and wooded island covers 4 thousand one- hundred square hectares linked to the coast by a narrow peninsula. In Saetia cay, we can find antelopes, zebras, fallow deer and muflon among other exotic animals.

This place is an excellent resort to be accessed crossing the bay in modern motor launch where we can find a highest-level tourism.

When visiting this place of the north of the Cuban east you will be agreed with the famous admiral, discoverer of the new world. The exuberant and well-preserved nature of the area together with the hotel facilities of the highest level like the all-inclusive Playa Pesquero five-star Hotel inaugurated by president Fidel Castro highlight that first impression of Christopher Columbus when he said …. this is the most beautiful land”.

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