Friday, September 21, 2007

Cuba will receive two million tourists

More than two million tourists will travel to Cuba in 2007, for the fourth year running.

The Cuban deputy minister for tourism, Alexis Trujillo, made the claim at the Sixth International Event on Tourism of Nature (TURNAT), held in the eastern city of Baracoa.

Cuba received 2 million tourists for the first time in 2004 with the rise in numbers helped by initiatives such as TURNAT, an event hosted by the country since 2000, aimed at increasing the number of Holidaymakers that visit the country.

One of Cuba's most popular holiday destinations has proved to be Trujillo, which is favoured by eco-tourists. Germany, Spain and the UK are just a few European countries where tour operators have started offering Holidays to this destination.

The news follows an announcement last year at the 27th annual Tourism International Fair in Havana that £3.81 million would be invested in the Cuban tourist sector between now and 2010.

It is estimated this investment will benefit over 200 facilities in the sector and help modernise tourist products, helping to raise awareness for what has become an increasingly popular holiday destination.

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