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Cuba’s Resistance Will Defeat the Blockade

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As the Cuban Foreign Minister prepares to address the United Nations later this month, Cubans from all walks of life spoke out at a press conference in Havana on Tuesday, detailing ways in which the US blockade affects the Caribbean island nation.

"I want Bush to tell me if I’m a terrorist," said Ricardo Gomez, a Cuban from Cienfuegos who was not allowed to attend an event in Argentina because it was sponsored by a non-governmental organization from the United States.

The handicapped athlete doesn’t understand the reasoning behind such malice, brought on by the absurd blockade policy which has lasted nearly half a century and is repudiated today by virtually the entire world.

In referring to the limitations of Internet connectivity in Cuba, Roberto del Puerto from the Ministry of Informatics and Communications said, "Currently we [Cuba] only have permission to use a satellite connection which is much more expensive and of poorer quality."

Meanwhile, Dr. Herminia Palenzuela, vice director of the William Soler Pediatric Cardio Center, told of the pain and rage felt over not being able to buy pacemakers and heart valve prosthesis for treatments that can save or improve the quality of children’s lives. Palenzuela asked, "What crimes have Cuban children in need of our services committed?" He noted that 360 children were operated on last year despite the irrationality of this aggressive policy.

In another presentation on the effects of the US blockade, Dr. Reynaldo del Rio, deputy director of the Ramon Pando Ferrer Ophthalmology Center, explained that it has proven impossible to buy a retina diagnostic machine marketed by the Humphreys-Ziess company, as well as Visudyne, a medicine used by elderly patients and sold by the firm Novartis. Both firms of US capital say they cannot obtain a license from the US Treasury Department to sell to Cuba.

Likewise, the US owned hotel chains Ritz, Hilton, Carlton and Marriot have cancelled contracts for Cuban executives and officials. Buying spare parts for many vehicles has also become a major headache for Cuba.

Quimimport, the Cuban firm that imports chemical products, has tried to buy an herbicide called Plateau from the German firm BASF Ag, but the company refuses to sell it because an active ingredient in the product comes from the United States, and thus cannot be sold to Cuba even from Germany or the company’s outlets in Latin America.

The testimonies abound on how the US blockade hurts Cuba and its people. As Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said on Tuesday, "The blockade must be lifted now, unconditionally, and its defeat will be the result of our resistance."

Source: Granma


JG: The Cuba blockade is based on nothing other than hate. At that task, the Yankee Imperialists are masters and champions. Little David will prevail!

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