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International days of action to support Cuban anti-terrorists

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Havana. September 5, 2007

Washington, Sept. 4 (PL).— The International Committee to Free the Five, based in the United States, has called for international days of action in solidarity with the Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned for almost a decade in this country.

Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and René González were arrested in September 1998 in the United States while they were protecting their country from terrorist groups of Cuban origin based in Miami, Florida.

This September 12, the struggle to free the Cuban Five, as they are known, enters its 10th year, and we should not allow international support for the Cuban patriots to falter, said a press release from the non-governmental group

The press release noted that Gerardo, Ramón, Fernando, René and Antonio continue to be held in maximum-security prisons, deprived of their right to have regular contact with their families.

Washington has denied two of them the right to be visited by their wives, the press release added.

On August 20, there was a hearing on their case in a federal Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia. Those present at the hearing to show their support for the Five included renowned jurists and prominent individuals from all over the world, the note said.

Moreover, coverage of the hearing by major news media such as the BBC, CNN and the Washington Post and New York Times demonstrate that the wall of silence is beginning to crumble, thanks to international solidarity.

The press release said: “We call on all committees and friends of Cuba, all honest men and women in the world, to carry out a mass international campaign of days of action in solidarity with the Five from September 12 to October 8.

“Let us speak out through the most diverse actions: marches, pickets, sit-ins, public events, documentaries, distribution of literature in public, placards, articles and manifestoes,” the press release stated.

Richard Klugh, defense attorney for Fernando González, remarked on the interest shown by the Atlanta Appeals Court judges this past August 20, giving reason to be optimistic about the future of the Five’s case, despite their lengthy incarceration.

A similar opinion was expressed by Antonio Guerrero’s lawyer, Leonard Weinglass, in recounting the strength and validity of the arguments presented at the U.S. court.

The defense concentrated its presentation on three issues: the charge against Gerardo of conspiracy to commit murder, that of conspiracy to commit espionage, and inappropriate conduct by prosecutors.

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Below is a BBC interview with Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban Five.

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