Friday, September 21, 2007

The “investigation” (?) of the terrorist acts of Luis Posada Carriles continues

El Duende, a Miami Spanish radio commentator, has reported the following:

In Miami they don’t want to talk much about it, but a Grand Jury in the State of New Jersey continued to investigate this week the economic connections of a group of Union City Cuban businessmen to Luis Posada Carriles when he was operating from a country in Central America.

In a Federal Court of Newark, a lady by the name of Lourdez López was brought in to testify. She was the right hand assistant of Cuban businessman Abel Hernández, who is deceased, and who was the owner of a business called Mi Bandera [My Flag,] who is being identified like one of the accomplices in the terrorist acts against Cuban hotels, one of which caused the death of an Italian tourist.

Another person who testified before the grand Jury is Albin Martinez, operator of a Western Union travel agency, which was used to wire money to Posada Carriles from Union City, New Jersey.

In the investigation of this case, being conducted by the FBI, also present additionally were Ángel Alfonso Alemán, Oscar Rojas, Rubén Gonzalo and José Gonzalo, who were also subpoenaed by the Grand Jury to testify on February 15 of 2006, and who according to their legal representative, Gilberto García, “were excused from testifying with the exception of José Gonzalo.”

Alemán as well as Rojas were directly connected with the deceased businessman Arnaldo Monzón Plasencia, whose name was cited in a trial in 1999 in Cuba, where it was revealed that he offered money to an undercover agent to place a bomb at the Tropicana cabaret in Havana, as well as in a hotel at Varadero Beach.

The investigation of helping terrorism, which is being conducted by a Grand Jury in the state of New Jersey, is paradoxically being conducted while the person who is the main accused person lives in liberty in Miami, without the justice system inquiring about his criminal acts.


JG: If you asked for my opinion, I would have to say that this is another farcical act, like the one conducted in El Paso, Texas, when Luis Posada Carriles was "indicted" for being an illegal immigrant. I will be very surprised if the Grand Jury brings any indictment, because Luis Posada Carriles has official U.S.A. protection which goes all the way up to the White House. He will continue to be a free man in Miami, with his buddy Orlando Bosch. The hypocrisy of Bush's "war on terrorism" is open for all to see.

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