Thursday, September 06, 2007

Radio Bemba [a.k.a. Babalu Blog] continues their vicious attacks on Magda Montiel Davis

A character by the name of Henry “Conductor” Gomez at Babalu Blog continues their hate-filled attacks on Magda Montiel Davis, an immigration attorney in Miami, Florida.

This gusano accuses Ira Kurzban and Magda of being “avowed castroites.” Where is the pudding? To these dimwits who populate the pages of Babalu Blog, anyone who says anything nice about Cuba’s Maximum Leader is a “Castro agent” or a communist. When are these children going to grow up?

If Magda planted a pecker on Fidel’s cheek as a sign of friendship and called him a “great teacher” I say, good for her and GOOD DEED MAGDA!

I met Magda in 1961. She was teaching English to young Cuban refugees at Camp Matecumbe. All the kids loved her. She is a great person.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

que hareis cuando se muera Fidel ?
vais a regresar o os quedareis en Florida

besos y saludos desde Reus Catalunya

Cuba Journal said...

La verdad es que todavia no he tomado una decision al respecto. Saludos.