Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bush Alert!

October 20, 207

News agency AFP has reported that “US President George W. Bush is to unveil ‘new initiatives’ to help Cubans and push for democracy in the communist-run nation, the White House said Friday.”

“Bush is scheduled to speak on Cuba policy at the State Department on Wednesday where he will announce "new initiatives to help the people of Cuba," White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Friday.”

JG: The Cuban people know what kind of forces Bush is allied with. He is at the service of the wealthy hard line extremists of South Florida who would like to return Cuba to the era before 1959. He will not propose anything that will be worth listening to. He will deliver more of the same old tired line. He realizes that on the 30th of this month the United Nations will again condemn his failed Cuba policies and those of his predecessors.

He has failed on Iraq, he has failed on Cuba, and he has failed the uninsured children of the United States. Would you buy a used car from this guy?


arzaluz said...

Hey, good post I agree with you about Bush's foreign policy, and the overall lack of perspective the United States has about international politics. What's your opinion on what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela?

arzaluz said...

hey, good post, i totally agree with you, what's your opinion about Hugo Chavez?

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Cuba Journal said...

Hugo Chavez is a courageous South American leader who does not kiss the ass of Uncle Sam. The United States government is always looking for docile leaders which can be bought. Hugo is not one of them.