Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bush's attitude on children's health care: "Let them eat cake"

As Congress prepares to try to overwrite the presidential veto of the SCHIP's bill, it is imperative for every citizen to contact his representative and senators in the U.S. Congress to urge a strong rebuff to the policies of the Destroyer-In-Chief.

Bush has never vetoed a bill that gives obscene tax breaks to his wealthy budies. He has never vetoed a bill that provides billions for the military industrial complex. But he has vetoed a bill that provides health care to poor children.

One day he will have to face his maker and he will be told: "You did not help the neediest of my children." And the history books will judge his administration as probably the worst one in our country's history.

Money for the filthy rich! For poor children: "Let them eat cake." SHAME ON YOU MR PRESIDENT!

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