Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cuba and China Sign New Cooperation Accord

Havana, Oct 16 (ACN) A new cooperation accord in the field of education was signed by Cuba and China on Tuesday, in Havana.

Cuban News Agency

China's Deputy Education Minister Zhao Qinping, who is currently visiting the island, said he is satisfied with the terms of the accord, which is an extension of a 2004 protocol for the period 2008-2011. The cooperation action includes the setting up of a center to teach Chinese language in Cuba.

"The Confucio Institute, as it will be called, will allow others to learn our language and it will also encourage the exchange between our two peoples", said Zhao Qinping on conversations with his Cuban counterpart, Luis Ignacio Gomez.

Qinping praised the idea conceived by Cuban President Fidel Castro of having Chinese people learn Spanish in Cuba. Gomez on his part expressed his willingness to have Chinese students graduate from Cuban pedagogical schools as well.

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