Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cuba and Honduras to sign treaty during Zelaya’s visit

Granma International

HAVANA, October 9.—Cuba and Honduras are to sign a Maritime Delimitation Treaty during the visit to the island by the president of that country, Manuel Zelaya, which begins today. He will also hold talks with Cuban First Vice President Raúl Castro.

This first visit by a Honduran president constitutes an expression of the cordial relations that exist between the governments of the two countries, stated an official note published in today’s Granma newspaper.

Likewise, it falls within the framework of the historic and profound ties of fraternity and solidarity between the Cuban and Honduran peoples, it added.

In accordance with the program, aside from his talks with Raúl Castro, the Honduran head of state will take part in the signing of the aforementioned treaty.

He is also to visit educational centers and other places of scientific and social interest.

Cuba and Honduras reestablished diplomatic relations in January 2002, but since 1998 – following Hurricane Mitch – some 1,500 Cuban cooperative workers have provided services in that Central American country.

There are currently 400 Cuban doctors working in Honduras while 1,000 young people from that nation are studying in this country, 500 of them medical students.

Translated by Granma International

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