Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cuban Foreign Minister criticizes the United States for impeding bonds between people

“The blockade of the United States against Cuba persecutes the brotherly bonds between the people of both countries,” declared Felipe Perez Roque, Minister of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Cuba before the 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations, reported Prensa Latina. The quotation appeared in Juventud Rebelde.

In his speech today, the chancellor manifested that it additionally impedes the normal relations among Cuban families on either side of the Florida Strait.

Roque reclaimed the theme of “the necessity of putting an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba."

He explained to the participants of the debate, that the United States government has foreseen fines of one million dollars against business offenders and 250 thousand dollars for individuals, in addition to jail terms of up to ten years.

“This is the price that a North American faces for traveling as a tourist to Cuba, or a Cuban who resides in the United States, if he wanted to visit a sick relative in Cuba,” he added.

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