Wednesday, October 24, 2007

European Left Supports Cuba on UN Vote Against Blockade

Cuban News Agency

Havana, Oct 23 (acn) The executive committee of the European Left Party, which groups 22 political organizations form EU member countries, approved a motion urging a vote on October 30th in the UN General Assembly condemning the US Blockade on Cuba.

The statement affirms that the European Left is working in all of Europe in favor of the UN resolution presented annually by Cuba against the blockade.

It adds that the Helms Burton Act aggravates the siege of the island and has become a form of economic warfare that has caused huge losses to Cuba over 47 years.

The blockade against Cuba goes against the principles under which the European Union was founded. Therefore, the European Left encourages the EU to change its stance on Cuba by ending its so-called "common position", adopted under pressure from the United States, and improve its relations with the island in the economic, political and cultural fields.

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