Thursday, October 11, 2007

Honduran President Visits ELAM

President Zelaya visits with Honduran students at ELAM.

October 11, 2007

Cuba’s daily newspaper Granma has reported that the President of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, visited the Escuela Latino Americana de Medicina (ELAM) before concluding his state visit yesterday.

He concluded that “the visit fulfilled his expectations, and that a new page has been opened in the relations between the two countries.”

Cuba’s Vice President of the Council of State, Carlos Lage Dávila, and the Minister of Foreign Relations, Felipe Pérez Roque, said goodbye to the departing head of state at the airport.

Cuba’s ELAM today trains 10,000 doctors from 32 countries, and it has graduated 4,468 MD’s from 30 nations, including nine from the United States. Currently ELAM trains 353 students from Honduras and has graduated 461 as doctors from the Central America Nation.

President Zelaya declared that “with this type of program, like the one offered at ELAM, a principle for a new society is being created, in which relations between peoples and nations are not only based in commercial exchanges, in putting a price on things to be exchanged, but in a fundamental expression of solidarity, of which the Cuban people are an exponent, without asking for anything in exchange.”

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