Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mexican Union against Cuba Blockade

Mexico, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) The Single Union of Workers of the Mexican Nuclear Industry demanded on Monday that the UN adopted firm actions to end the US blockade against Cuba.

Delfin Loya, general secretary of that entity, pointed out that the union's members reject the measure imposed over 40 years ago against the island.

In addition to difficulties in health and food sectors, the measure has tried to curb the Cuban scientific and technological development, because the United States knows that when a nation has sovereignty in that aspect, it develops its own natural resources, Loya said.

Delfin Loya, also secretary of the International Workers Union of Energy and teacher in nuclear sciences, stated that the US objective is to impoverish Cuba and impose its own conditions.

Apart from approving the resolution against the blockade, we demand that the UN take concrete actions to eliminate that policy and the Cubans can continue developing the country, he stressed.

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